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Utility Rebates Being Reduced By Year’s End
Utility Rebates Being Reduced By Year’s End

If you haven’t already heard the news, in late November the approval for cutting down utility rebates was approved by Florida’s commissioners. What exactly does this mean to us and our customers? To put it simply, beginning in January 2015, utility rebates are going to be ...

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Blog Posts in 2014

  • New Air Conditioning Units Combats Humidity and Saves Energy

    Innovation in Air Conditioning Living without air conditioning would be unbearable during the summer in Palm Beach, but millions of people in ...

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  • Air Conditioning Could Have Came About Half a Century Earlier

    Air conditioning is a necessity for those that live in warmer climates such as our very own South Florida. Before the idea of air conditioning came ...

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  • Interesting Facts That Led To the Air Conditioning Revolution

    It is easy to take air conditioning for granted when we live our lives in the constant cool air it provides. However, it is good to remind ourselves ...

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  • Conceal Your A/C in Style

    Have you ever wanted to hide your A/C unit in a stylish way? Many people add small lattices to cover their air conditioners. If you’re looking for ...

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  • Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Low This Summer

    The South Florida heat can feel brutal during the summer, so homeowners and renters alike crank up the air conditioner during the season, which will ...

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  • Air Conditioning Is One Of The Greatest Inventions Of The 20th Century

    Imagine having to live through a South Florida summer without air conditioning. Air conditioning has only been around for about 100 years and it has ...

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  • 4 Signs That You May Need AC Compressor Repair

    If there’s an AC in your home, you probably installed it so that your family would remain comfortable all summer long, which is why it’s all the more ...

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  • Tips For Keeping Your A/C Up To Par For The Summer Season

    Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and hot weather. Making sure that your air conditioner is ready for the intense heat is imperative, and ...

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  • 4 Ways To Cut Your A/C Costs

    It can be easy to turn on your home’s air conditioner and forget about it until your monthly bill comes. The energy cost of conditioned air can be ...

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