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Air Conditioner Capacitor

What is an AC Capacitor?

The air conditioner capacitor starts the various air conditioner motors and keeps them going by building up a store of electricity that can be used to provide continuous power. In this role, it acts as a sort of temporary battery so that there is a constant supply of power to keep the system running smoothly.

What Does an Air Conditioner Capacitor Do?

An AC capacitor is similar to a battery in function, though they both work in very different ways. The capacitor’s job is to absorb and store electrical energy that can be used to start up the fan motors and to keep them running. Capacitors help maintain a constant charge to the motors so the air conditioner can run for an extended period of time reliably and efficiently.

Diagnosing a Faulty Air Conditioner Capacitor

Air Conditioner Capacitor

If you are having problems with the air conditioner motors, it might be caused by a faulty AC capacitor. When capacitors go bad, they lose strength and begin functioning at reduced power or else they stop working altogether.

Here are some signs that your AC capacitor may need to be replaced:

  • High energy bills. If the AC capacitor is working at reduced strength, the system will have to consume more electricity to achieve the same amount of cooling. This will lead to inflated electric bills.
  • Poor cooling. If the capacitor goes out completely, the fan motors will stop working, and this will prevent the air conditioner from cooling.
  • Visual cues. It is usually easy to tell if the AC capacitor is faulty simply by looking at it. A faulty AC capacitor will often bulge outward or become swollen. It might even blow apart and leak oil. In this case, it is necessary to replace it. This is more likely to happen during hotter months, when electrical components run at higher temperatures.

Fast Help for Blown AC Capacitors in South Florida

If your AC fan is not turning while the system is on and humming, this is a good indication of a blown capacitor. If there might be a capacitor problem, it is important to let a professional diagnose it, as the electrical charge can be dangerous.

Cousin's Air can diagnose and repair problems with your AC system. We also offer capacitors that are designed to suppress noise from your AC unit. Contact us today!


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