Turn The AC Up, Or Turn The AC Off?

Air conditioning accounts for 50 percent of summer electric bills in Floridian homes.  With the economy leading homeowners to look for money saving solutions, you have probably had this conversation with your family, friends and coworkers.

Is it best to turn the AC up or off when going to work or leaving on vacation?  The options seem to have simple consequences beyond energy savings—that either it will be cool when you get home or you will have to endure a hot house for a while upon your return.  But the implications of turning off the AC are much farther reaching than these consequences.

Experts agree that leaving the AC on while you are away is the best choice, and here is why: You want the air circulation in your home to continue in your absence.  Circulating air prevents moisture condensation and consequential damage to your home.  The moisture and heat released from turning the AC off leads to the growth of mildew and mold.

The summer heat will turn your home into an oven.  This adversely affects wood surfaces such as doors, cabinets, window frames and floors.  Wood reacts to heat by expanding.  This means that floor surfaces can buckle, and door and window fixtures will expand and cease to close properly.

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