Air Conditioning Could Have Came About Half a Century Earlier

Air conditioning is a necessity for those that live in warmer climates such as our very own South Florida. Before the idea of air conditioning came about, many people had to endure sweltering heat during summer months. It is widely known that the very first air conditioning unit was invented in the very early 20th century by Willis Carrier. What most people don’t know is that AC could have came into production 50 years prior if it wasn’t for a very unfortunate mistake.

The VERY First AC Unit

Leave it up to an innovator from Florida to to create the world’s very first attempt at air conditioning. John Gorrie worked in a Florida hospital in the 1850s and this was a time when ice was used to cool hospital rooms by hanging it from the ceilings. This was obviously an inefficient means of keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature so Gorrie began visualizing a machine that would cool air by making ice. Gorrie’s idea was brilliant but he made a big mistake filing the patent as an ice making machine. Ice lobbyists saw this as a threat to their monopoly on the industry as their was no other machine that could produce ice at home. The lobbyists campaigned so aggressively against Gorrie that his machine never saw the light of day.

AC Service & Repair In Palm Beach

Due to Mr. Gorrie’s vision and Mr. Carrier’s ingenuity, we are able to provide quality air conditioning services in Palm Beach and northern Broward County. Contact us to schedule an appointment for air conditioning installations, repair, or maintenance.


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