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There are several parts that make up an AC unit, which means several things can go wrong. Take a look at all the different parts of an air conditioner, and if you find that you need AC repair, replacement, or maintenance in South Florida, call Cousin's Air, Inc.!

  • AC Actuators: The AC actuator is what directs air from the vents to the main duct after opening.
  • AC Blower Motor: The blower motor is responsible for powering the fan blades.
  • AC Bracket: The bracket secures the AC in place and provides support for the window frame.
  • AC Cage: The AC cage protects the condenser from theft.
  • AC Capacitor: The capacitor starts and continuously powers the AC motors with stored electricity.
  • AC Compressor: The AC compressor pumps refrigerant from the evaporator and changes it to a high-pressure gas.
  • AC Condenser: The condenser removes heat by using coils to cool the high-pressure gas coming from the compressor.
  • AC Cover: The AC cover shields the condenser from dirt, leaves, and other debris.
  • AC Drain Pan: The AC drain pan collects the water that drips of the evaporator coils.
  • AC Pump: The AC pump pushes water from the drain pan out of the house.
  • AC Drain Line: The AC drain line is the path where water flows after being pumped from the drain pan.
  • AC Ducts: Ducts carry and distribute conditioned air from the air handler throughout the home.
  • AC Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil removes heat from the air as coolant flows through it and evaporates
  • AC Fans: Fans facilitate air circulation throughout the house without utilizing the compressor or condenser.
  • AC Fan Motor: The fan motor is what powers the AC fan.
  • AC Freon: Freon is a type of coolant that is used in typical AC units.
  • AC Gauges: AC gauges display the temperature and pressure inside the unit for easy diagnosis.
  • AC Grills: Grills help distribute the air efficiently across a room through the vents.
  • AC Heat Pump: AC heat pumps transfer hot air from one place to another.
  • AC Inverter: The AC inverter allows the compressor motor to operate at variable speeds.
  • AC Pad: The AC pad is placed under the condenser to keep it from coming into contact with the ground.
  • AC Screens: AC screens shield the condenser from debris while also facilitating air flow.
  • AC Thermostats: Thermostats regulate heating and cooling by detecting the temperature inside of the home
  • AC Transformers: AC Transformers increases or decreases the voltage of electricity depending on the demand for power.
  • AC Vent Fans: AC vent fans relieve some stress from the AC system by exhausting hot air from the house through the attic.
  • AC Vibration Pads: Vibration pads reduce movement, vibration, and noise from the outside condenser.
  • AC Zone Dampers: With AC zone dampers, individual rooms in the home can have different temperatures.

Air conditioning systems are elaborate and for optimum performance, every component must work seamlessly. Creating cool, crisp air for the inside of a residence is not an easy task. It requires a complex process of displacing heat from the interior air.

If your AC parts need repair or replacement, don’t delay. A poorly functioning AC can increase power bills and cause fire hazards. If issues are left unchecked, they can turn into more expensive repairs. At Cousin's Air, Inc., we understand the ins and outs of even the most complicated AC systems. If you need AC repair, maintenance, or installation in South Florida, call Cousin's Air, Inc. today!

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