Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Low This Summer

The South Florida heat can feel brutal during the summer, so homeowners and renters alike crank up the air conditioner during the season, which will result in a steep electric bill. Instead of turning the thermostat down every time you feel hot, try some of these money-saving tips.

Hang your laundry to dry in the sun instead of the dryer since the dryer uses a lot of electricity and heats up your home unnecessarily. You can also skip the oven and prepare fresh summer meals like salads and wraps since the oven also does a number on heating up your house. And of course, use the obvious tips, like turning off your fans when you’re not using them, keeping the blinds closed, and changing your air conditioner’s filter regularly. And if your air conditioning unit breaks down, Cousin's Air, Inc. will send an experienced technician to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

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