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AC Temperature

Air Conditioners and Maintaining Temperature

During the cooling process, air conditioners also remove humidity from the air in your home. The reduction in humidity helps to maintain the temperature you choose and also make you feel more comfortable. Air conditioners cool the air in your home to get your home to the desired temperature that is cooler than the outside temperature by running refrigerant through the system and cooling down the air. Having the right size air conditioner unit is imperative to maintaining the temperature you desire inside your home.

An air conditioner that is undersized will probably not cool off your home to the temperature that you want and if it does get cool enough, it is not doing so efficiently. Air conditioners that are oversized will still leave you uncomfortable because it won’t remove the humidity from the air, and will also cost more to run. If the air inside your home is humid, you may still feel warm and uncomfortable even though the thermostat has reached the set temperature. Cousin's Air, Inc. technicians are always happy to explain to you how to set the temperature on your air conditioner, what size unit is best for your size home, and what thermostat options there are available.

Temperature and Programmable Thermostats 

The thermostat feature in your air conditioner is what keeps your home cool depending on the setting that you leave it at. The temperature that you want to set it at depends on what you and your family are comfortable at. Obviously, the lower that you set the temperature, the more energy the air conditioner uses and the more it costs you on your energy bill. A programmable thermostat can save you money by automatically raising the set temperature at times of the day when you are not at home.

You can also raise the temperature at night when you are sleeping if you do not mind having it warmer at night. This will afford you significant savings on your energy bill. You should also leave the air conditioner fan setting on “auto” instead of “on”. This will cause it to turn off when it reaches your desired temperature. There is a common misconception that setting the temperature lower will cause your home to cool down faster than just setting it at the temperature you want it to be. Do not fall for this misconception; it just causes your air conditioner to work harder and less efficiently. FPL recommends 78 degrees as the best setting for air conditioner efficiency. We should also mention smart thermostats, also called advanced thermostats; they not only measure the air temperature, but can also measure the amount of humidity inside your home.

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