New Technology Looks to Cut AC Energy Consumption

Broward Air Conditioners have the potential to absorb a large amount of energy resources in your home. In some cases air conditioners consume about 14% of the electricity consumed by Broward homes. Florida air conditioning repair service centers know the amount of energy that many people consume when it comes to the daily use of their AC.

AC contractors look to Engineers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado on their experimentation with innovative air conditioning concepts that hope to cut electrical consumption by 90%. Ron Judkoff, principal program manager, stated that they believe they have discovered what they think to be a “new concept in air conditioning.”

The system strays away from compressor driven refrigeration processes used in air conditioners today. The new patent uses water for evaporative cooling. This type of cooling evaporates air and turns it into cool air. The only problem with using such a specific system is the amount of potential problems the system can create.

Because of the problems that were arising from the evaporation researchers turned to a vendor that specialized in membranes that prevents liquid water from crossing from one side to the other but allows vapor to move freely. This desiccant solution cools air through evaporation however dries as the desiccant absorbs water

NREL is looking to create something out of this world, “We’ve designed all that into a single core, in which the frying and the cooling are accomplished sort of instantaneously as the air passes through, “Judkoff says. “We got rid of all the disadvantages of evaporative cooling, but we kept all the advantages-evaporative cooling is a very efficient form of cooling.”

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