The Cost of A/C Repair

We can face extreme temperatures in South Florida during the summertime, so having a broken air conditioning unit may be the last thing homeowners want to deal with. At Cousins Air we understand how unsettling it can be, having a stranger visit your home and not knowing how much an A/C repair may cost you, but at Cousins Air we want to walk you through what to expect when one of our Comfort Consultant knocks on your door. We can also explain a few of the most common services so you’re never caught off guard.

At Cousins Air, all of our consultants are NATE certified, having been tested through rigorous, knowledge-based tests to validate each technician and earn installation and/or service certification. Comfort Consultants are here to examine the issue and help you understand the options and best available solutions. Our Comfort Consultants will speak with you and examine your home to see if you or your family has been experiencing any hot or cold spots or any discomfort. After a routine inspection, our Comfort Consultant will provide you with a free estimate that is customized for your home and in the future, you can even request to have that same technician service your ac unit every time.

Air conditioning units can face a variety of complications, so we want to walk you through a few of the more common dilemmas.

A/C Circuit Board Replacement

If the issue is past the A/C system itself, you may have to replace the circuit board. A new circuit board, on average, could cost anywhere from $120-$600 depending on the A/C make or model. That may seem like a long range, but on national average an A/C circuit board replacement in 2016 cost consumers $375, according to AC and Refrigeration.

Thermostat Replacement

Depending on the type of thermostat you select, a smart wifi thermostat or traditional, the average cost paid is typically between $65-$260 to get it installed. Newer thermostats can pay back in energy savings.

Refrigerant Leak Detection & Repair

If suspected, a technician will test for a refrigerant leak. According to Home Advisor, should a leak be present, the repair, on average, can cost between $225-$1,600. A refrigerant leak is not common, but can be among the issues that’ll cost the most to have repaired; the national average of a leak detection and repair last year was $942.50.

A/C Refrigerant Refill

Your air conditioner can begin to work improperly due to needing a Freon refill. A refill is a complicated process and can require special licensing to work with refrigerant, so you should have a professional check it out. Luckily a refill cost isn’t extreme. The national average is marked up at $290, but typically can range from $170-$410.

Replace Fuse, Circuit Breakers or Relays

If you suspect any damages to your A/C fuse, circuit breakers or relays, you should contact a Comfort Consultant for a quick inspection. Pricing for a replacement can vary depending on the damages and if just one or all need replacement. Ranging from as low as $20 to a high of $310, nationally, most fuse, circuit breakers or relay replacements stand at $165.

If you need any sort of A/C repair in Broward County or Palm Beach County, contact a professional at Cousins Air today.