Why Leave AC Repairs to the Professionals?

Repairing your own AC may seem logical if you are handy and want to save. Replacing a dirty filter is something you may be able to pull off. However, there are many types of air conditioning repairs that require a professional. Fixing a unit alone can take a lot of time. There is also the risk of making a mistake, in which case you’d have to call a professional and perhaps spend more on repairs then. Inexperience with replacing even small parts can lead to permanent damage if there’s a slight error.

Attempting AC repairs without the help of South Florida’s premier AC professionals is a safety risk. The 220 to 240 volts of current running through an air conditioning system can electrocute a person. Avoiding this requires special procedures and wearing protective equipment. Electrocution is often fatal, and electrical fires are possible if you don’t install the wiring correctly. Leaving the work to professionals like Cousin's Air can avoid a tragedy in South Florida. This is another reason to invest in professional AC repair.

The warranty is another consideration. It may be voided if a non-professional attempts to service the unit. NATE Certified technicians know what to do and adhere to the guidelines of the manufacturer’s warranty. At Cousin's Air, all of our technicians are NATE certified to ensure you always receive the best service. It’s always better to rely on AC technicians to protect an investment that can run into the thousands of dollars.

Hiring a NATE certified technician will always be the right move because they:

  • Can properly diagnose an air conditioner problem. For example, they can figure out why the AC is cycling on and off quickly over short time periods, which can be due to a clogged filter, strained motor, or refrigerant leak or other problems.
  • Have the equipment needed to make repairs, and tools they’ve been trained to use.
  • Maintain an inventory of parts so defective ones can be replaced as soon as the problem is diagnosed.
  • Are able to work quickly and provide a high level of quality. It doesn’t take hours to fix most problems, and air conditioning professionals remain effective even when the work is unexpectedly fast.
  • Are equipped and experienced to handle refrigerant, which can be harmful if not handled or disposed of properly. All of our technicians always keep the safety of you and your family in mind.

Multiple issues often cause air conditioner problems. There are online resources that attempt to show people how to make repairs, but they are just guides and are not intended for you to repair your own AC. Offering a high level of service, a technician can spot the underlying problem and save you a bit of cash down the road.

If your AC is on the fritz, call Cousin's Air today and a NATE certified technician will pay a visit to check the problem and safely and effectively employ a permanent fix.

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