It's summer, but is your AC ready?

The summer months in South Florida are here and now more than ever it is crucial for your AC to be in an excellent working condition. But, how can we make sure everything is running smoothly? Here are some helpful tips that you can do, and some other tips that require professional help, to gear up and stay cool for the Florida summer heat.

Things to do to get your AC unit ready for summer:

  • Replace air filters:

Clean filters help keep the circulating air clean to breathe and promote efficient airflow. Air filters should be replaced on a monthly basis, so consider establishing a simple replacement routine.

  • Keep outdoor AC unit area tidy:

Next time you’re doing yard work, make sure to remove any outdoor debris or blockage from the air conditioning unit. Trim shrubbery to leave about 2 to 3 inches around your AC unit so it can breathe properly.

  • Unblock indoor AC vents:

Placing furniture or other obstructions in front of AC vents will prevent the air from cycling properly and cause the air conditioning unit to work harder. This can lead to more frequent breakdowns and expensive AC repairs.

  • Test AC unit

One quick and simple way to make sure your AC is working is by playing with the temperature adjustments. Rotate between two cold temperatures and make sure to notice if your system adjusts. If it doesn’t get cool that’s a sign that something is wrong.

Things to leave to the professionals, like Cousin's Air:

  • Clean condensate drain coil:

This coil helps channel the moisture and humidity out of the home and can eventually get clogged with algae and other build-up. Cousin's Air will keep the drain coil clean to prevent expensive AC repair.

  • Examine ductwork:

The duct system in your home helps transfer the cool air in and hot air out of the home. Sometimes ducts can break causing a leak in your system. Make sure to hire a professional to inspect your air ducts and ensure no leaks.

  • Consider a programmable thermostat:

These types of thermostats offer great control over the AC system. They adapt and learn to your temperature habits and adjust automatically. They can detect your AC needs, making it incredibly efficient and help you save money. We recommend the Nest Learning Thermostat. Call Cousin's Air to have one of our certified technicians install the Nest Learning Thermostat in your household.

  • Set up a summer AC Maintenance Schedule:

Summer is a time meant for relaxing. We get that you won’t have time to check your AC unit constantly. Set up a maintenance schedule with your trusted AC service provider, Cousin's Air, to check that the more complicated electrical and mechanical components are operating safely and efficiently.

The worst thing that can happen is for your air conditioning unit to breakdown in the middle of summer. Learning to detect and prevent AC malfunctions is crucial to surviving the summer months, but knowing whom to call when it breaks is important as well.

Cousin's Air provides excellent AC services. We are passionate about what we do and there’s a reason why we have the best reputation in the field. Currently serving Broward County and Palm Beach County, Cousin's Air helps South Florida stay cool in the summer. Schedule an appointment with Cousin's Air to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for this year’s summer season. Give us a call today.

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