Delray Beach School Openings Demand Services Like HVAC Repair

Florida school administrators and teachers look forward to a new year as they open their doors to students.  Although concerned parents are interested in hiring the best teachers to instruct their children, there is a lot of other preparation involved in optimizing the academic environment.  Among the most important factors to consider is the comfort of students and faculty.  In order to maximize that comfort, HVAC repair services and ac contractors are staying busy as they improve and replace outdated air systems.

In Florida, there has been a noticeable spike in student registration.  For example, Delaware Valley regional High School invited 989 students to enter its halls this year, which is an increase from 966.  Changes like this can be seen throughout the state.

Newly appointed district Superintendant Daria Wasserbach will oversee academic activities in the 2013-14 school year.  She is a former business administrator and brings her economic and management expertise to the position.  Among the many improvements she hopes to introduce are enhancements in the school environment, which include hiring HVAC repair services and ac contractors to battle the Sunshine State’s frequent heat waves.

Besides upgrading institution air systems, there have been several changes to scholastic curriculums.  High school freshmen will be introduced to new ideas on digital literacy, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving with a course called 21st Century Skills.  Administrators hope that this new class will better prepare students for the evolving economic and occupational environments.

Popular school changes for the 2013-14 year include repaving parking lots and installing above-ground fuel storage tanks.  Digital marquee signs are popping up at schools all over the state.  Drainage systems are being upgraded, sidewalks are being replaced and air conditioner systems are being repaired.  Although these changes are putting stress on the academic budget, the benefit of improving the learning environment more than compensates for the cost.

Cousin's Air, Inc. provides commercial and residential HVAC services to Delray Beach, Florida and surrounding areas.  We offer maintenance, installation and repair services.

It’s not only important to keep students cool while they’re in school, but it’s also beneficial to home study time if the air conditioner is working.  Trying to get your kids to do their homework is hard enough, so imagine how reluctant they would be to study in an uncomfortable environment where it’s hard to concentrate.

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