Well Maintained Air Conditioners Make Summer More Comfortable

You may think that since your apartment is cooled by a window unit air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about AC maintenance. However, like the central air conditioning system, the window unit performs best when it is maintained. When your air conditioning system is taken care of, it works more efficiently, keeping you cooler and keeping utility bills under control. At Cousin's Air, Inc. Inc. we can help you keep your ac working optimally.

Regular Maintenance Is a Smart Investment

Everyone’s watching their budget, and one place many people cut back is on routine maintenance of appliances and air conditioning systems. However, systems that aren’t maintained are more prone to failure, which can result in inconvenient emergency service calls. A routine maintenance check on your AC system is affordable and can prevent those emergency calls when a heat wave strikes.

Getting Your Window Unit Ready for the Season

You can do some window AC unit maintenance tasks yourself. First, make certain the unit is unplugged. If you can remove the unit from the mounting frame, you can vacuum condenser coils with your vacuum’s brush attachment. Replace the foam air filter if it’s damaged. If it’s dirty, wash, then let it drip dry and replace it. If you’re uncertain how to do any window AC unit maintenance tasks, call a professional.

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Prevent Emergency Service Calls

Replacing filters and cleaning coils are central AC maintenance tasks that many people do themselves. However, if you’re uncertain about how to do these things, it’s safest to call a professional. A professional AC technician can also do central AC maintenance tasks like checking coolant levels and straightening bent cooling fins. Simple maintenance keeps your central AC running efficiently.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Older units eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, new systems are very energy efficient and can save you money long term. Speak with an experienced AC technician about whether your best choice is to repair your existing unit or replace it. At Cousin's Air, Inc. Inc., we have the expertise to repair window and central AC units, and can advise you when it’s time to replace them.

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