Should You Repair or Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System?

When your central air conditioning system breaks down, you may wonder if you’re better off having it repaired or replaced. You should make this decision with the assistance of a qualified AC repair technician who isn’t just out to sell you an expensive new system. Central AC systems do have to be replaced eventually, but in many cases they can be repaired and work fine for several more years. Air conditioner preventative maintenance is one key to getting the longest life from your AC system, so if it has been awhile since your system has undergone an inspection and tune-up, maybe it’s time to schedule preventative maintenance.

How Old Is Your Central Air Conditioning System?

If your AC system is more than 10 years old and it breaks down, unless the repair is minor, it may be time to consider replacing the unit. The latest central air conditioner units are much more energy efficient than units a decade or more old. After your initial investment, you should enjoy lower utility bills every month, and a more comfortable home. Central air conditioner repair is still an option on older systems, but once repair costs approach several hundred dollars, replacement may be your best bet. An expert repair technician can help you decide.

Has It Been Maintained Regularly?

Air conditioner preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your central AC system, but if you’ve had your unit regularly maintained over the years and it begins breaking down more frequently anyway, it may be nearing the end of its useful life. A new AC system is expensive, and central air conditioner repair may be your first choice, but if preventative maintenance is no longer preventing big repair bills, replacing the unit may be the best long term decision. However, you should enjoy lower utility bills with a new, high efficiency system.

Do You Have the Right Sized AC Unit for Your Home?

If your central air conditioning unit is the wrong size for your home, it will not last as long. Too-small systems have to work too hard to cool the space, while too-large systems will cycle on and off too frequently, again shortening the system’s life. If you have concluded that replacing your central AC system is prudent, first ask your technician how the correct size for the unit is determined. With central AC systems, bigger isn’t necessarily better, unless you’ve been using an undersized system.

Ask an AC Expert with Extensive AC Repair Experience

You can’t beat repair experience when you discuss repair versus replacement of your central AC system. A technician who mostly installs units may not give you enough information on repairs to determine whether a repair is adequate. But a technician who has repaired numerous systems over the years has the experience to know when a simple repair is the best way to go or whether a repair will only delay the inevitable for so long. Your choice of whether to repair or replace your AC system should be made after careful consideration, not after being railroaded into replacement when it’s not really necessary (View some of our ac specials here).

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