Beat the Heat in Broward County with These Tips

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During summer, the average Floridian family can spend about 40% of their total energy bill on just air conditioning alone. You can reduce your monthly bills by following these tips that will help you keep your family cool during the hot summer months.

Don’t Cool Rooms That Aren’t Used Often

If you have central AC, close the vents in rooms such as bathrooms or guest bedrooms when those rooms are not in use. Make sure your ductwork is properly sealed and insulate vents that are in the basement or attic, as these areas of the house don’t need cooling. Another option is to purchase a portable or window unit to cool one large room or area of the house at a time, without using the energy to cool rooms that are not in use. Modern portable air conditioners are efficient and quiet. They have the ability to cool down a room quickly while saving you money on your electricity bills. Be certain that the unit you buy is the proper size for the room it will be in- if it’s too small, it won’t be able to cool the room completely without constantly being on, but if it’s too big, it will consume more energy than necessary.

Use Blinds or Shades on your Windows to Block the Heat of the Direct Sunlight

You can use shutters outside your house to block the heat further. Keep your windows closed during the day to keep cool air in and hot air out. At night, if it’s cool outside, you can turn off the air conditioner, open your windows, and turn on a fan for ventilation. Make sure you replace the air conditioning filter at least once a month for maximum efficiency and airflow. Dust or pet hair will eventually build up and block the cool air from traveling through the ducts, which makes the unit run longer and costs excess money.

Delay Using the Oven, Dishwasher & Clothes Dryer

If possible, try to delay using these heat-generating appliances until evening, when the temperature gets a little cooler. If possible, use your microwave for cooking or fire up the barbeque and do some grilling outside. If you have to cook on the stove, use your exhaust fan and cover pots to keep the excess heat from traveling about your house.

Upgrade Your AC

If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, you may want to invest in a modern unit. Today’s air conditioners are built for high efficiency and are optimized for using less energy. Modern cooling systems can use up to 50% less energy as their older counterparts.

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