Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Keeping your home or office cool during the brutal South Florida heat is definitely necessary, but unfortunately can cost a pretty penny, both to your pocket and to the environment. These costs can be reduced by making some notable changes in your air conditioning habits. Below are some tips that can reduce air conditioning energy consumption and cost:

Set a reasonable temperature on your thermostat, not an optimistic one:

By setting your thermostat to the warmest temperature that you can stand comfortably, less cooling is required which will reduce your overall energy consumption. Turning a thermostat to a cooler setting won’t cool a room any faster and will result in higher energy costs and unnecessary wear on the equipment.

Use your AC unit to cool, but use a fan to move the air:

Air conditioners will definitely work wonders at cooling the air immediately around it, but they will not do a good job at circulating the air to the entire room. By using a fan in addition to the air conditioning, your cooling will be more efficient and will definitely make a huge difference in cooling efficiency.

Don’t overheat the thermostat:

Make sure your thermostat is in an area that is not directly receiving sunlight. This may cause it to run too often and use excess energy because of it.

Close the shades!

During the hot part of the day, shade the windows that are directly exposed to the sunlight to help in keeping the room cooler; this can reduce the amount of energy needed to cool it to a comfortable level.

Keep your AC maintained:

Make sure each piece of equipment receives the regular maintenance that it requires..

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