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AC Maintenance In Delray Beach Can Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

AC Maintenance In Delray Beach Can Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

Regular maintenance and care of an air conditioning system can keep it running in great shape and save a lot of money over the years in reduced energy costs and lower electric bills.  Preventative maintenance and regular inspections will extend the life of the system, which also saves big over time.

Cousin's Air, Inc. is a reliable AC maintenance and installation company. Located in the Delray Beach area, we have served more than 5,000 residential and commercial customers. To request service, Call Us At (954) 228-5965Today!

AC Companies Recommend Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance of an AC system can keep the system safe, make the parts and equipment last longer, and prevent costly replacement or repair. It starts by using reputable AC companies to perform the installation, ensuring that everything is done correctly from the beginning.

A qualified professional can perform routine AC maintenance throughout the life of the AC system to make sure that it stays in good working condition. They will make a thorough inspection of the system, including the wires, contacts and relays, to make sure there is no corrosion.

They will check the evaporator coil to make sure it is clean, so that air can flow over the coil readily. They will make sure coolant levels and pressure are good and inspect the fan motor and blade for proper lubrication.

A professional will also make sure all parts of the system are clean and confirm there is nothing blocking or preventing strong air flow. This ensures that the system runs efficiently and blows plenty of cool air. Any small parts that are corroded or broken will be replaced to prevent larger repairs down the road.

Regular Maintenance Avoids Major Repairs

There are many things a professional can do that the homeowner should not attempt, because of safety issues. However, the homeowner can do some minor things to keep the AC system in good shape. For example, they can remove sticks, leaves or other kinds of debris from around the condensing unit.

Also, the homeowner can make sure filters are changed regularly, and inspect hoses and connections for leaks or wear. If the system is not producing a sufficient amount of cool air, then steps should be taken to correct the problem. It might be as simple as a dirty air filter, but a more serious problem will need professional attention.

Cousin's Air, Inc. has an established reputation for reliable service in the Delray Beach area for 18 years. If you’re looking for AC companies to do installation, maintenance and repair, trust Cousin's Air, Inc. To request service, Call Us At (954) 228-5965Today!


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