4 Ways to Keep Your House Cool for Less

As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners must find easy and affordable ways to keep summer cooling costs under control. This can be accomplished with a combination of redecoration and conservation.  Here are 4 simple tips that will make your home more energy- efficient.

1. Block those rays

When the sun shines directly on east and west-facing windows, heat transfers into our homes, making them warmer. To block these incoming rays and reduce the use of cooling systems, simply plant a few medium-size trees in front of the windows that receive the most sunlight.

 2.  Keep the house closed tight

Leaving a window or screen door open not only lets the warm air in, it also lets the cool air out. So, if ventilation is what you crave, make sure you do it at night.

3. Buy a new air conditioner

They might look sturdy and strong, but air conditioners wear down over time. Units that are ten or fifteen years old simply cannot reach peak performance any longer. Not to mention the fact that old A/C units are not nearly as energy efficient as newer models.

4. Put in white window shades

Because the color reflects heat instead of absorbing it, white window shades reduce heat gain.

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