Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Another Summer?

Whenever there’s a major heat wave, you can turn on your local news and see stories about how busy air conditioner repair technicians are. Why do AC systems give out when the weather turns brutally hot? Often it’s because the owner neglected routine maintenance. There’s much you can do to prevent those emergency air conditioner unit repair calls in the summer, and at Cousin's Air, Inc., we can help you prepare your system for the season.

Things You Can Do to Help Your AC Work Better

Change the filters on your central AC system monthly to keep air flowing freely while trapping dust (Read more about air filters here). Sweep off leaves and debris that accumulate around your outdoor AC unit, and clip back any hedges or vines that could be blocking free air flow around the unit. You can buy kits to clean the coils on your AC unit, which can also help.

A Pre-Season Checkup Is Good Preventive Maintenance

You can call an air conditioner service to perform maintenance tasks like coil cleaning for you, or you can ask for a pre-season tune-up of your system. Having your system inspected and tuned up at the beginning of summer is one of the best ways to prevent an expensive central AC unit repair when a heat wave hits. The hotter it is, the harder your AC has to work to keep your home cool.

The Choice to Repair or Replace

Air conditioner unit repair is sometimes not the best choice. If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, or if repairs are going to cost $700 or more, you may be better off in the long run replacing your AC system. Today’s systems are far more energy efficient than those of even a decade ago, so after the initial investment, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills for many years.

Choose Your AC Professional Carefully

Don’t trust your air conditioner service to just any company you choose randomly. Your AC service should be committed to fair pricing, prompt service, and the very best workmanship and customer service. At Cousin's Air, Inc., we are committed to helping you have the most comfortable summer possible by keeping your AC running properly. (Read more about us here)

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