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Healthiest Temperature Inside the Home For Your Baby

Healthiest Temperature Inside the Home For Your Baby

Parents of a baby realize the importance of making sure the baby is comfortable at all times during the night. This will help in allowing your infant to sleep throughout the night, and give you a much-needed rest. Parents magazine provides with tips on how to make sure your baby sleeps well at night, this includes adjusting the temperature of your air conditioning system.

As the magazine explains, much like us, babies need a particular temperature to be able to sleep well; the magazine states “Keep your baby’s room warmer during the day and cooler at night. The optimal temperature for infant sleep is between 65 and 70°F.”

To make things easier, you should invest in a quality thermostat, which will allow you to set the temperature of your AC. If this is not an option, leaving a window slightly open or using a fan at night will help in regulating the temperature inside your baby’s room. For more information on keeping your child comfortable at night, consult with your pediatrician.


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