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Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps People Cool In Palm Beach Gardens

Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps People Cool In Palm Beach Gardens

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to be living in this modern age. Take air conditioning, for example. The ability to dramatically change the inside temperature of a building is a very recent human innovation that has radically changed society, and for millennia human beings couldn’t even have imagined it.

With such an incredible technology at our fingertips, it pays to keep it running in good condition. We take the air conditioner for granted until the hot, muggy day when it stops working. But regular maintenance and repair can keep it in great shape.

The Importance Of Air Conditioner Repairs In Palm Beach Gardens

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The year was 1758, and Ben Franklin made a startling discovery. Along with a Cambridge professor named John Hadley, he discovered that the evaporation of alcohol and certain other volatile liquids actually has a cooling effect strong enough to freeze water.

Another inventor by the name of Michael Faraday made a similar discovery in England in 1820, when he compressed and liquefied ammonia. It is this very process of evaporation that makes air conditioning possible.

The first attempt at real indoor air conditioning came about at a Florida hospital in the 1830s, when a doctor named John Gorrie built a machine to compress buckets of ice and blow air over them. Although he patented the idea, he didn’t have the financial backing to really promote his invention, so it never caught on.

Willis Carrier brought us into the modern age with his invention called the Apparatus for Treating Air. This machine worked by blowing air over cold coils, and its original intention was to keep papers in his publishing and lithography company from wrinkling in the heat. When other factories heard about the device, they expressed interest.

The first air conditioning unit installed in a home happened in Minneapolis in 1914, when a wealthy man by the name of Charles Gates had one installed in his mansion. It was a massive machine at seven feet high and 20 feet long.

The individual room air conditioning unit came along in 1931. It was a familiar design that rests on a window ledge and is still used today. Then, the first air-conditioned car came from Packard in 1939. By 1970, central heating and air conditioning – using a condenser, coils and a fan to generate cool air – became popular.

The Cool Modern Age

And that bring us right into the modern era, when air conditioning is common in almost every building, and we all take it for granted. Regular maintenance will keep any unit up and running, so it’s ready to go on the hottest, muggiest day of the year.

For air conditioner maintenance or air conditioner repairs, trust Cousin's Air, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens. Call Us At (954) 228-5965 Today!


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