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American Culture Revolutionized by Air Conditioning Systems

American Culture Revolutionized by Air Conditioning Systems

From creating the cool comfort of malls and movie theaters, to increasing productivity in factories on hot days, air conditioning has radically changed the ways in which people live their lives in homes and where they work and play.

In the past, architecture, manual fans, and cultural practices helped people deal with the heat, but in the mid-nineteenth century, Florida physician John Gorrie began using cool air to treat his malaria patients, thus creating a primitive form of FL ac. He used a fan to blow air across a pan of ice suspended from the ceiling. In the years following, Willis Carrier, a Buffalo, New York inventor, created a way to control the humidity as well as the temperature and in 1902 he installed the first industrial air-conditioner in a Brooklyn printing house.

Since then climate controlled stores, movie theaters and restaurants had more business on hot days when customers came to escape the heat. Later, new domestic air conditioners encouraged families to stay indoors in the summer months, watching television and playing with other new toys and gadgets. Eventually, movie theaters, stores, and restaurants became part of our modern malls where shoppers could relax in the cool air as they browsed through a number of stores without going outside.

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