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NY Submeters Interest Broward Apartment Owners

NY Submeters Interest Broward Apartment Owners

It’s Monday morning, your getting ready to leave your apartment to got to work. You do your morning “to do’s” and  make sure all the lights are off, that all the windows are closed and that you locked the door. You forgot one thing though, the AC. But did you really forget or did you intentionally leave your AC running so when you get home you have a cool home ready for you when you get home? A recent article from the New York Times,“Air Conditioners That Run When Nobody’s Home”, goes on discussing these issues and what New Yorkers are doing to improve these bad habits.

People all over New York are notorious for leaving the air running in their apartments especially, when utilities are included. One couple left their air condition running for four days while they were out of town so they could come home to a cool apartment during the hot July summer. Another New Yorker leaves his AC running while he is at work, when he is at his girlfriend’s apartment, and even when he leaves the country on vacation.

With the large amount of energy being consumed by New Yorkers the New York State’s Energy and Research Development Authority is planning on offering incentives to building owners if they install submeters to measure the individual consumption of its building occupants.

With these submeters the state will be able to track individual electricity use, which state officials feel will hold some level of accountability, in regards to consumption use by patrons. Some building owners were said to be paying an extra $52,000 a year in energy costs compared to buildings that have submeters.

Apartment owners should be aware of how long they leave their AC running. “Utilities included” is a great phrase when buying an apartment, but sometimes one has to be conscious of the damage it creates towards the environment. 


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