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Celebrated as one of the greatest inventors in American history, George Westinghouse was an engineer who became a pioneer in the electrical industry. Among his many areas of interest were comfort solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Later in life, Westinghouse became obsessed with heat pumps that could provide indoor heating and cooling at an affordable price. The company that bears his name continues to touch the lives of millions with an impressive selection of modern conveniences.

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What Sets Westinghouse Apart?

When it comes to top-quality air conditioners and cooling products, Westinghouse has an impressive catalog. They take quality a step further, conducting unparalleled testing procedures, offering industry-leading warranties, and better, more efficient technology.

Westinghouse stands apart from the competition thanks to:

  • Their Commitment to Quality: From light bulbs to television sets to air conditioners and other home appliance, Westinghouse has a huge catalog of products for the home. Although their extensive inventory relies on disparate technologies, one thing unites them: rigid control of the manufacturing process. For their air conditioning products, Westinghouse follows a procedure that is almost unheard in the industry. Instead of testing their products at random like most manufacturers, Westinghouse tests each and every product before it is packaged and shipped to authorized dealers. These extra steps allow them to offer the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, which we will discuss below.
  • Demand Flow Technology®: Taking Henry Ford’s assembly line to the extreme, each line worker at Westinghouse not only does their job, they also check the work from the previous stations. So at the end of the line, quality checks have been performed dozens of times before final inspection. It should come as no surprise, then, that Westinghouse exceeds all industry standards for quality production. Did we neglect to mention that the company also performs computerized automated testing on every product to eliminate the risk of human error?
  • Energy Efficiency: Every major manufacturer in the HVAC industry talks about energy savings since they know consumers are worried about wasting money on home heating and cooling costs. But only a few of them offer systems that consistently exceed industry standards. Westinghouse offers a full line of products, the iQ Drive® series, that are rated all the way up to 25.5 SEER—the highest possible rating! Few, if any, competitors can match that extraordinary level of energy efficiency.
  • Industry-Leading Warranties: Westinghouse is so confident in the heating and cooling products they offer for sale that all of them are backed by a 10-year warranty. This limited protection plan applies to any component that must be replaced due to a manufacturing defect. For those who reside in regions of the country that require year-round heating and cooling, Westinghouse offers a Contractors’ Preferred Protection Plan that covers most labor costs during regular maintenance or repair.

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