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How do ACs work?

What are the best air conditioner filters?

How often should I change my air conditioner filter?

How do air conditioners reduce humidity?

How can I tell if my air conditioner has mold?

What are kilowatt hours (kwh)?

What are air conditioner refrigerant, coolant, and Freon?

What size air conditioner do I need?

What temperature should I set my thermostat?

What is air conditioner tonnage?

What is air conditioner zoning?

Do I need an air conditioner dehumidifier?

How do I improve my indoor air quality?

How many BTUs does my air conditioner use?

Common Issues

How can I tell if my air conditioner has blown a fuse?

Why is my air conditioner freezing over?

Why is there ice on my air conditioner coils?

What could be making my air conditioner leak?

Why is my air conditioner just humming?

What is the average lifespan of an air conditioner unit?

Why does my air conditioner just shut off when turned on?

Why does my air conditioner keep turning on and off?

Why is my air conditioner making a clicking noise?

Why is my air conditioner not blowing?

Why isn’t my AC blowing cold air?

What causes an air conditioner to stop running?

Why does my air conditioner only work on high?

How can I tell if my air conditioner is low on Freon or refrigerant?

Why does my air conditioner overflow?

What is making my air conditioner smell bad?

What causes my air conditioner to keep tripping the breaker?

Why did my air conditioner start vibrating?

Why won’t my air conditioner turn off?

Why won’t my air conditioner turn on?


What do BTU’s have to do with my air conditioner power consumption?

What are SEER Ratings?

What are my yearly air conditioner operating costs?

How can I calculate my yearly air conditioner operating costs?

How can I lower my yearly air conditioner operating costs?


John - just wanted you to know about the installation of my new air conditioner yesterday. Your installers Alex & David showed up on time (a feat for contractors), removed my existing equipment, prepared the house for the new installation, and then installed the new equipment. They were efficient, personable (another feat for contractors) and completed the job on time (need I say more). I've been with Cousins through two houses over about 13 years and I've never been disappointed. So kudos to your firm and the people who you employ. I'd be remiss if i didn't comment about Joe... [READ MORE]

-Len S.

Thanks to Allyson, Kim and John Cahir for my first impressions of Cousins! And to you, Mike, for inspiring confidence in you, Cousins and the system and installation teams. [READ MORE]

-Jack W.

Owners usually only hear from their customers when there is a complaint. However this is a “complement" about your company and some of your associates……….My wife,Theresa, and I, wanted to let you know your installation team of Kohrie, Alex, Rob, and Omar did an outstanding job installing our new air conditioners. They were professional, polite, neat and clean. It was a big job as far as we were concerned, with short notice and tight attic space, but they put me and my wife at ease immediately. When finished everything was neat and clean with the new air conditioners working [READ MORE]

-Vic D.
Ibis in the Woodlands

We woke up Saturday morning and the house was hot. No air, no circulation via the fan . . . nada. Who passed the law that your a/c unit can only break during the hottest part of the summer AND on a weekend? As our previous a/c guy has now retired, we were at a loss as to who to contact. Fortunately, we have a good friend "in the business" (wholesale side) and he told us that Cousins was (by far) the people we wanted to deal with. A technician (Thomas) came out later that day (he called several times during the day to make sure we knew what [READ MORE]

-Terry B.
Pompano Beach, FL

I have nothing but good things to say about Cousins. We had so many problems with both our AC units in our new home and Cousins came to our rescue every time. We hired them after trying to get ******* (the company who installed the units to fix our AC). ******* gave us such a run-around, wrong information, and no call backs (even when Carrier called them on my behalf). We lost days without AC because of *******'s incompetence. Cousin’s was efficient, reliable and their techs knew their stuff. They came to fix my AC even before [READ MORE]

-Chart C.

Thank you so very much for sending your team out to evaluate our broken air conditioning system.Furthermore, thank you for the thoughtful presentation of options for replacing the system.Three choices were explained, and after input based upon your many years of experience, we confidently selected the Carrier 17 SEER, 4 Ton, two-stage system. Installation was professionally done by two installers and two separate supervisors stopped by to make sure everything was installed correctly.So far so good, and so quiet. We will monitor [READ MORE]

-Benjamin Schreier...